Head Of Department

Mr. Bilal Ahmad
Assistant Professor

In my personal experience, I have found the KPK Institute of Medical Sciences one of the most competitive institutes in the region. This institute has state-of-the-art practical labs, the latest apparatus, and well-qualified faculty. I highly recommend this institute for flexible learners and hard-working students. I am confident that KPKIMS has a great future ahead.

Health Department

The BS-Health course is a four years degree programmed aimed at training students in the technological spheres of Health care with a good scientific foundation. These students will be in a position to assist the healthcare provider (Anesthesiologist, Surgeon). On completion of the course they will play a key role in determine the quality of health care facilities in the province, country and across the globe. With advance training in the latest technology these students will able to open the door of new research in Health technology and ensure the safety of the patient at the maximum

Other Staff

S/N Image Name Designation Subject
1 Mr. Farhad Lecturer
2 Mr. Hidayat Ullah Lecturer
3 Mr. Dawood Lecturer